3Edito – August 2021

3E has completed two deals in the vocational training sector : one in June, a majority stake holding and the other one end of July, a divestiture of a majority stake to an industrial player. Vocational training and education verticals remain very active for industrial players and for investment funds. Otherwise, the closing of a third deal


3Edito – may 2021

3E’s activity remains strong despite the health context. Currently, we have several signed Letters Of Intent for companies under audit in the sectors of advisory, vocational training and education. Beyond the historical activity of divestiture, acquisition or fundraising, 3E focuses a significant part of its activity in strategy consulting around issues of re-positioning, development and equity. Let’s discuss your


3Edito – november 2017

Our companies are experiencing major transformations due to the ongoing digitization of the economy. We see the advent of many new companies, agile with innovative and digital models with very competitive offers. Our companies must therefore adapt both in terms of their operating model and their offer, and in updating the skills of their teams.


3Edito – July 2016

Integrating the digital transformation into the business strategic reflection  Companies must study then step into the digital transformation of their model which is a key challenge for the CEO or the shareholder. He can lead this digital transition from an internal point of view by training or recruiting the suitable teams. He may also consider integrating this skill with a simple partnership,a


3Edito – april 2016

Fraiming one’s company planned divestiture The company head and main shareholder will have to specify the reasons and objectives of the targeted divestiture. Strategic options offered to him are to divest all the shares or partially to either : an industrial, partners, management and employees, an individual willing to acquire, an investment fund, a combination


3Edito – january 2016

3E celebrated its 30 years birthday last year, adopted a new web site, recruited an analyst and increased its activities of strategy advisory beyond its activity of classic M&A. We besides pursued our efforts towards digital sector companies to accompany the evolution of our clients businesses and offers. On the 2016  agenda for the current assignments : training, operational consultancy, electronic companies


3Editorial – November 2015

3E celebrates its 30 years of existence this year and offers itself a new website in compliance with its positioning! We indeed accompany more and more our customers in their digitalization strategy. This movement, introduced 3 years ago by the strengthening of our team by a digital specialized consultant, continues. Thus, we advise currently on


3editorial – January 2015

Like the relative current optimism of the French economy with a conjunction of more favorable factors (” fiscal stability “, interest rate, oil & Euro prices); when French Tech is recognized in the world, 3E also wishes to send a message of confidence and optimism for 2015. 2014 was a good year for the activity