Buy-side Advisory

3E advises French or foreign companies or groups, in their strategy of external growth:

  • Search of targets.
  • Targeted acquisition.
  • Build up.

3E acts as a development advisor for external growth:

  • Project guidance.
  • Choice of the project team.
  • Screening and target identification according to specific strategic criteria previously arranged with our client, gathering data, monthly report, validation with the customer.
  • Making contact, writings notes, recommendations, valuations.
  • Setting up introductory meetings.
  • Negotiations followed by an agreement.
  • Formalization of the agreement : writing of a letter of intent, negotiating its terms, choice of the advisors,
  • Financial arrangement and optimization, assistance with due diligence and financing assistance if needed.
  • Negotiating definitive agreements and conclusion of the deal.

3E can approach:

  • Healthy and profitable companies: usually selling price between 1 to 200 million Euros.
  • Companies in financial trouble or in bankruptcy: several transactions in this field have been closed in the industrial sectors of Mechanics and Electronics.
  • Build up: 3E advised different groups by successive acquisitions and in particular in the sectors of Electronics (Industry and also Trade) and Communication agencies.

Fees policy:

Fees based on time spent or fixed fees.


Additional success fees representing a percentage of the transaction, paid at the closing.