I had the opportunity to work on numerous deals with Eugène Eisenberger. The first one dates back to 1995 when 3E was the council of the company which I acquired. I so much appreciated his professionalism, his in-depth knowledge of the deal, his pragmatic approach and his talent of deal maker that we have never stopped working together. He accompanied me in 1996 in the acquisition of a firm in difficulty in the electronics sector which he understands perfectly that allowed me to reach a critical size on the national level. Eugène then advised me in 2001 for Martek Power for the divestiture of a non-strategic inverters activity to an Italian actor and during several years for acquisitions and in particular he realized in 2001 the acquisition of a company specialized in the cabling test, in 2007 an acquisition in England which has proved excellent. And even more recently, he is the council of Brightloop Industry which I am a shareholder. Eugène always puts the interest of his client first and negotiates as if it was for his own account! I could say more about Eugène but I do not want to make him blush …

Marcel KATZ


Publish date :  July 2015
The strengths of 3E:
  • The very professional writing of a business plan, credible and of good quality which was useful for us not only to convince buyers but also at a strategic level.
  • The capacity to identify the key players which could be interested for an acquisition, both in France and on the international stage.
  • The emphasis of the key added value elements which made our company a unique acquisition target.
  • The intelligent management of several simultaneous offers.
Two years before meeting 3E, I had made the first direct contacts with other companies with the aim of a divestiture and after laborious discussions; the found solution had shown itself disappointing. With 3E on the contrary, the rhythm of progress was very steady and we resulted in three concrete offers, which was of course an advantage for us.

Lionel PEREZ

Previous CEO of METODIS

Publish date :  June 2015
3E accompanied the development and the growth of our company during more than 10 years. Various missions, more and more strategic and important for the company and its managers were entrusted to 3E: acquisition of a major minority stake, an acquisition of a company and financial structuring of the group on this occasion, divestiture of a subsidiary 18 months later, capital raising upon a LBO, later a strategic and financial assistance during a period of difficulty for the company then finally within the framework of a divestiture assignment the backing of the group at the end of 2014. The common sense, the capacity to criticize and to question erroneous choices, the market knowledge, the excellent reputation of 3E in the Small-Mid Cap investors community, real negotiation qualities leaning on a systematic information collection and analysis, the capacity (against its short-term interests) to advise to refuse a deal, the commitment and the tenacity which allows to succeed, the scrupulous respect for the interests of the customer: such are the qualities which allowed 3E to build with our company and its managers a long-lasting trust relationship.

Nicolas MOREL

ex President of AUDISOFT OXEA

Publish date :  June 2015
3E, in the person of Eugène Eisenberger, knew how to make a "complete" support of the operation of divestiture of KTT to FI System concluded in 2000. As well as the research of potential buyers, the creation of the financial engineering, the divestiture, the last minute negotiations, including also the review of the legal acts, even the patrimonial and fiscal aspects, his advice were very efficient and useful. This judgment values especially as more than 15 years have passed since.

Henry KAM

ex CEO of KTT SA

Publish date :  June 2015
Dear Eugene: I wanted to thank you for all that you did to assist in the negotiations for the sale of Pulvorex. You are a true professional and you managed to represent the best of Hudson's interests in a situation that perhaps was not ideal. You had great focus on our objectives, a concern for our timeline and terrific attention to detail. I appreciated the manner in which you kept me informed and involved every step of the way. You did a great job Eugene and I thank you for that.



Publish date :  October 2003